Team work and Collaboration


While completing the Organisational Theory readings for this week I was very interested in the ‘Leading Effective Teams’ article by Law and Glover. I found it important to my current situation both in the classroom and when completing the assignments for this subject as they are collaborative ones. Reading the article has made me reconsider how I will structure teams of students in the classroom setting as I now realise I could be doing so much more effectively.

Of particular interest to me in the article were concepts like satisfying an individuals’ needs in the team environment and the need for the group to like and accept team members. I believe this last point is particularly important when working with students as many of them are at a fragile stage of development when it comes to issues like self concept and self esteem. I also liked the table of the ‘Useful People to have in Teams’ and will be considering individual personalities (and the strengths and weaknesses that go along with these personalities) when structuring group work tasks.