ETL 504 The Teacher Librarian as Leader


I have just begun studying a new subject and I am determined to be more diligent with my blogging because it is very helpful in terms of reflecting on my learning.

I have just read the introductory reading by Donham titled ‘Leadership.’ While completing this reading I had several significant learning moments and I realise that this subject is going to be good for me as I am not yet a TL and therefore do not realise all the elements necessary in leading as yet.

My significant moments from Donham’s reading:

It is important to be an ‘internally oriented’ library media specialist. I realise that in schools it is easy to throw your hands up at times and say ‘It’s out of my hands’ but I liked that the reading states that an effective TL listens to teachers and finds other ways of achieving things for the sake of student’s education.

I also liked the point Donham made about maintaining familiarity with the language of the classroom as it enhances dialogue with teachers.

The third significant learning moment I had was when Donham stated that it was important for TLs to ‘put themselves into influential positions’. I had not yet considered this wider sphere in my studies and I realise that this is something that the TL at my school does extremely well. She is on many comittees and is well aware of teacher’s needs.

Collection size vs. usage


One of the significant moments of my learning journey while studying Collection Development has been that of library collection size vs. usage of materials in the collection. Prior to undertaking my studies I admit that I, like many others, judged libraries on appearance, ie. how many books in the collection and how they were displayed etc. I now, however, realise that it is also important to consider the usage of the resources and the fact that increasingly the library collection may contain many more digital resources, therefore it is difficult to simply judge a library collection based solely on visual first impressions.

In a conversation with the current TL I found it alarming that many of the print resources in the library have not been borrowed for a great length of time

Collection Development


It has been a long while since I have written a post but I feel it is critical to come back and update my blog to accurately track my learning journey.

I am currently undertaking a subject about collection development within school libraries. It has been both the most interesting and challenging subject so far. Interesting due to the fact that I now realise that there needs to be a solid foundation/policy to base all decisions on and challenging as the scope of such a policy is quite large, especially to someone who is currently not working in a libray.

While I am finding it challenging I also realise that it is very necessary to have a detailed understanding of this subject as it will provide the foundation for almost all my activities once I am a qualified TL.

Assignment Two, Reflection one


I am currently completing the second assignment and am experiencing some challenges. I am attempting to reflect on my learning journey, which of course is a very valuable thing to do. However, I have learnt far too much to fit into 750 words. I have had to summarise my learning into key learning moments, I just feel it is such a hard task for someone not in the profession as my learning curve has been a particularly steep one. The task has made me realise just how much my views have changed and broadened