Collaboration Update


Ok, I have been collaborating with the Teacher librarian and a colleague on a year 9 poetry unit and it is time for an update. My TL has been fantastic, really willing to help out in any way, great in helping with resources and has spoken to the students about research which was invaluable (and indeed I believe I have improved my own research practice.)

I am also trying to think about the obstacles we have faced so that in my reflections I am able to improve my practices for next time. The first obstacle has been the interruptions to the school timetable, due to public holidays, school assemblies and staff development days, we had to shorten the unit to fit in the time frame. Things such as cross country carnivals, immunisations and the school musical have also meant that we have not always had the full cohort of students – difficult in a group task.

The second issue is the inflexible time table. As I do not have any double periods with year 9 it has been difficult to achieve everything in the 50 minute time slot available. I am now better understanding the literature that calls for flexible time tabling in collaborative tasks.

All in all I am pleased I am doing the task and feel that I have learnt great things from our TL. In my next update I will try and report (using evidence based practice) on student learning.