ETL 504 The Teacher Librarian as Leader


I have just begun studying a new subject and I am determined to be more diligent with my blogging because it is very helpful in terms of reflecting on my learning.

I have just read the introductory reading by Donham titled ‘Leadership.’ While completing this reading I had several significant learning moments and I realise that this subject is going to be good for me as I am not yet a TL and therefore do not realise all the elements necessary in leading as yet.

My significant moments from Donham’s reading:

It is important to be an ‘internally oriented’ library media specialist. I realise that in schools it is easy to throw your hands up at times and say ‘It’s out of my hands’ but I liked that the reading states that an effective TL listens to teachers and finds other ways of achieving things for the sake of student’s education.

I also liked the point Donham made about maintaining familiarity with the language of the classroom as it enhances dialogue with teachers.

The third significant learning moment I had was when Donham stated that it was important for TLs to ‘put themselves into influential positions’. I had not yet considered this wider sphere in my studies and I realise that this is something that the TL at my school does extremely well. She is on many comittees and is well aware of teacher’s needs.