INF506 Digital Collections


I found the Schrier article to be a very interesting article. It has made me consider that a lot of the things in the article could be applied to the library of the school that I currently work at. Many students are unaware of the services that the library offers. Most students I have spoken to are not aware of any databases the library subscribes to, nor any of the online programs the library has such as Encyclopaedia Britanica. As the Schrier article states ‘discovery happens elsewhere’ (2011).

This article has really cemented for me the importance of marketing the library services – of making students aware of all the services and resources that the library has. While it may be impressive to have all these services, if students are not aware of them and not using them, it simply makes attaining all these resources an expensive waste of time.


Schrier, R.A. (2011). Digital librarianship & social media: The digital library as conversation facilitator, D-Lib Magazine, 17(7/8) July/August 2011. Retrieved from