INF506 Social Networking and the Social Life of Information


The question for consideration for this week: try to summarise in your own words what you think Web 2.0 is.

I had some initial ideas about Web 2.0 was prior to reading – to me it basically meant that the internet had become easier to use, that average people (as in people without high levels of technical training) could now create their own websites and blogs etc.

While the above is certainly part of the concept of Web 2.0 completing the readings has given me a more comprehensive view of what it entails. My definition – Web 2.0 is a new or rather newly evolving way of being able to participate (share, collaborate, create, view etc.) online. No longer does the internet consist of static pages largely used for viewing, the rise of Web 2.0 technologies means that the internet is now an interactive space for connecting, discussing, creating and sharing new media etc.

When completing the readings I also found some other points very interesting about Web 2.0: The O-Reilly reading made the point that ‘Web 2.0 doesn’t have a hard boundary, but rather, a gravitational core’ (2005). I found this  to be interesting as I had not thought of it in this way prior to researching the topic. Viewing the Youtube video ‘What is Web 2.0’ also helped to better define Web 2.0 technologies for me when Barnatt states (when speaking about interpersonal computing) that it is about ‘using online technology to connect people to each other’ (2008). To me this is a clear and simple way of helping to define Web 2.0 – no longer are users the passive receivers of information downloaded from websites, rather users have become part of a staggeringly large global network and are able to not only receive information but actively share it as well.


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