INF506 Critical Evaluation ASU Libraries


The task: Write a critical evaluation on ASU Libraries use of these platforms (‘The Library Minute’ You tube series and Web 2.0 tools used as part of the ASU library channel suite)to achieve the 4Cs of social media.

As part of this task I viewed many of ‘The Library Minute’ videos and also spent time looking at the ASU library’s Twitter and Flickr accounts. I was very impressed by the work the library has done to adopt web 2.0 tools and to entice users to gain the most from their library.

In terms of the 4Cs of social media, turning first to the concept of collaboration; it would appear from both the Flickr and Twitter accounts that collaboration is being done well at this library. In the Twitter feed, there were many Tweets related to displays, exhibitions, ceremonies etc. The Flickr account also showed many pictures of the library’s collaborative efforts. Collaboration with librarians was also encouraged in many of ‘The Library Minute’ videos and student feedback to tailor the library to their needs was stressed in many videos.

The second ‘C’ of social media is Conversation. I thought this was done particularly well by the library. Many of ‘The Library Minute’ videos encouraged conversation, through social media, through visiting the library in person and through submitting queries online. In the video ‘The Social Connection’ in particular, students were encouraged to speak to their librarians so the library could most effectively meet the needs of its users (2011).

The third ‘C’ of social media is Community. I feel that on the surface this appears to be something done well. However, I noticed that the library Twitter Feed had 492 followers and the Facebook page had 432 likes (at the time I accessed the sites). For a large university, these numbers seemed quite low. Therefore I feel that, in terms of fostering community, the library needs to encourage more students to access their social networking sites.

The final area of social media to be looked at is that of Content Creation. Again I feel this is an area that is being done well by the ASU libraries. However, when examining their social networking sites and ‘The Library Minute’ videos, there seems to be a lack of the co-creation of content, so perhaps this is an area for improvement.


Arizona State University. (2011). The Library Minute: The Social Connection. Retrieved from