INF506 Assessment Item 1


A)   Define what social networking is for you in your own words

Social networking is a concept that is ever expanding as new ways of communicating and sharing are created. It refers to the online sharing and connecting of people or groups of people. Social networking is used for a variety of reasons, for example; sharing common interests, ideas, backgrounds, hobbies, personal connections etc. It is a way to connect and communicate informally with people either locally or globally.

B)   List what social networking technologies and sites you already use (for personal, work and study purposes)

I currently use Facebook, Pinterest, WordPress and Twitter.

C)   Describe what you expect to learn from INF506

I hope to learn about a broad range of available social networking technologies, particularly those related to, or ones that can be used for educational purposes. I would like to learn how to critically evaluate social networking tools to assess what can be appropriately used in the classroom.

As a future teacher librarian I would like to learn about the various issues that exist around social networking and how to manage such issues and implement policies in this area. I realise this is particularly challenging as the area of social networking is not a static one and new technologies and ways of connecting continually arise, making it an exciting field to explore, while at the same time making it a difficult field to navigate as an educator.

I would also like to use the knowledge gained in this course to be able to educate other teachers in my school about how best to embrace social networking technologies in the classroom as there are many teachers reluctant to embrace technological change. I feel that social networking technologies can no longer be ignored and must be embraced in classroom settings in order to better prepare students to become digital citizens with a responsible digital footprint and I would really like to learn how best to help schools proceed in this area.