INF506 Building Academic Library 2.0


The task: Based on your viewing of the Youtube video ‘Building Academic Library 2.0′, select five key pieces of advice from the speakers, and consider how these may be applied to your library to help it embrace a library 2.0 ethos.

The first piece of advice I have chosen is from Wagner who urges librarians to work in partnership with their users. He recommends building a technology council to look at how people use technology (2007). The library in the school I work at needs to foster partnerships with students as many technological acquisitions are made without student input.

The second key piece of advice was also from Wagner who states that service is important – it is not just what is bought technology wise, but how it is delivered (2007). I feel this is important advice as many students I teach are not aware of the technology and its applications that are available in the library. Therefore, more time needs to be spent delivering new technology in a meaningful way.

The next three pieces of advice are taken from keynote speaker Meredith Farkas.

One of Farkas’ first piece of advice relates to the notion of radical trust, of opening up comments pages on social networking sites and trusting students to give feedback (2007). This is an important piece of advice for my school library as it does not have a Facebook page nor anywhere to leave comments online, the library only has a suggestion box in the foyer. There seems to be a culture whereby students are not trusted to make comments regarding their educational needs.

The next chosen piece of advice is know your users (Farkas, 2007). Again I feel this simple piece of advice is important for the library at my school. As the library is not involved in social networking sites and does not seem to actively seek feedback from its users, it would seem that the library is not really aware of its users needs.

The last piece of advice I have chosen is the suggestion to market to parents (Farkas, 2007). Working in a high school environment I found this interesting. I know that many of my students complete the majority of their assignments at home and I know that they seek help from their parents. Listening to Farkas, this idea really struck me as libraries have changed a great deal since the parents of my students were at school. Therefore, by marketing to parents, they will not only be aware of the library services but may also encourage their children to become active library users.


UC Berkeley Events. (2007, November 2). Building Academic Library 2.0. Retrieved from


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