INF506 OCLC Report


The question posed: How do the concepts and findings in these sections of the OCLC report reflect your view of the socially networked world in 2013? 

I found the report to be very interesting. It is very clear to me that social networking is the way of the future, what is unclear (from my perspective), is how best to integrate social networking and social media into educational curriculums. I currently work in a school where, due to bullying issues and inappropriate content, almost all social networking sites have been blocked. I feel that such sites can’t be ignored but I feel it is unclear about how to embrace the technology from an educational perspective. 

The report reflected my perspective in some ways, namely that social networking and social media site usage is on the rise and is being used by varying age groups of people. It also confirmed that using the internet for commercial use is also on the rise – banking, shopping etc. (De Rosa, Cantrell, Havens, Hawk & Jenkins, 2007, p.11). 

What I found pleasantly surprising was that the reading of books online was also on the rise in many countries, this research finding was the opposite of what I was expecting (De Rosa et al., 2007, p.12). As a future teacher librarian I find this very pleasing but I also realise the need to provide books in electronic format as this is how reading material is increasingly accessed. 

As a current teacher, I found the sharing of personal information to be of some concern. I work in a secondary school where we are constantly having to deal with the consequences of students sharing too much personal information online (everything from phone numbers to addresses to inappropriate comments and photos). While I feel that technology needs to embraced, we do need to teach students to be responsible digital citizens. This also raises the question as to whose job this is – parents or educators? 

The report also confirmed that the searching of library websites has declined (De Rosa et al., 2007, p.12). While I did not find this surprising I feel it is a challenge for teacher librarians to attempt to increase the usage of their sites. I am not sure yet as to how to best address this challenge. 


De Rosa, C., Cantrell, J., Havens, A., Hawk, J. & Jenkins, L. (2007). Sharing privacy and trust in our networked world: A report to the OCLC membership. Dublin, Ohio: OCLC [ebook]. Retrieved from


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