The Group Assignment


For the current subject I am doing we have to complete a group assignment, something which I had some reservations about. I find it harder to work in groups as it is hard to structure and arrange, especially when you are not collaborating face to face. I am also a person who likes to be effecient and use time effectively, so I can, at times, find group work frustrating if I feel that the group is not progressing steadily towards the completion of the set goal.

I had my first meeting (on Neatchat) with my group last night and (to my pleasant surprise) I really enjoyed ‘meeting’ my group members. I found them to be really positive and everyone was encouraging when ideas were suggested and refined. I am really pleased that all went so well as I realise that collaboration as a TL is of extreme importance and I know this task will be good training for me for when I am able to step into a TL role.

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