I think I am getting it!


Ok, have had to take stock after the first assignment as I did not do as well as I would have hoped. I know this was the case for many people which is in part comforting. However, I wish to improve my marks for assignment two and have initially found myself lacking in confidence to do so. However, with a few days of reflection and helpful feedback podcasts I am approaching assignment two with renewed energy and enthusiasm (pardon any cliches.)

First, I need to consider what I did well to be able to replicate it in the next assignment. According to the marking criteria I am a good writer and am excellent at referencing. I was pleased with this as I found referencing to be extremely challenging, having not had to reference at that level for a long while.

To improve? I need to be more critical! (I keep chanting it like a mantra as I read assignment two). Where did I go wrong? Too many references to readings without a criticism of them. I find it hard to criticise readings as they are written by leaders in the field (surely they have more experience and knowledge than me as I am not even in the field yet!). However, I realise now that my voice counts, the extent to which I did not realise until listening to the feedback. I must communicate my view strongly and be CRITICAL of what I read. We need to teach our students to be critical receivers of information, therefore, I need to do it more myself.


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