Information Literacy – A Reflection


Completing the readings on information literacy has really made me understand how much schooling has changed since I was in high school (12 years ago). In that relatively short time period the changes have been immense. With the rise of the internet and other technologies there truly is so much information out there. However, unlike when I was in school and books and encyclopedias were the main research methods, the information available now is not always from a reliable source. I now realise that students need to be taught to be critical receivers of this information and be able to sort through the vast amount of information and sometimes be able to understand the conflicting viewpoints about the same topic that may be present in the information. 

I did not consider this initially when enrolling in the TL course. My expectation was that teacher librarians needed to teach students how to use various technologies. I had not, however, considered that TLs need to teach student to be critical receivers of such technologies. This was an exciting revelation for me and I am looking forward to the challenges that my new role will bring.


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