RBL can we do it?


I found the Campbell et.al. article beneficial in the sense that it had great, useable, practical strategies to implement RBL in the classroom. I would however, like to research examples of high schools (in an Australian context) so as to see if there are any additional useful strategies, especially ones that address issues of student motivation. This would not only assist me as a future TL but would better inform my current practice as an English teacher.

I was pleased that the article stated that work should be challenging. Too often I see brighter students not extending themselves in their research projects. RBL seems great in the sense that it can cater to varied ability students in the one classroom.

I suppose the one question/criticism – time? I work with a host of dedicated teachers who never have enough time. I suppose this is an obstacle I face as a future TL. (Food for thought for the first assignment!)


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