A Supportive Principal


After reading Haycock’s article in this weeks readings I now better understand the role and influence the school principal has in determining curriculum directions. As a teacher I had realised that principals control resource allocation but had not considered the additional influence they have on the TL role. I thought the points made about modelling and fostering collaboration were important as well as curriculum review and the practicalities of scheduling.

The Role of the Teacher Librarian


I found the ASLA document in this weeks readings was very clear and will be very useful for the first assignment. I particularly liked the points about leadership and lifelong learning. I am becoming increasingly aware that as a TL leadership is important as you need to become involved in the upper level decision making processes of the school – a point I had not considered before starting this course.

As a teacher, the point about fostering life long learning was important to me as that is something I wish to instill in my students. Especially a love of reading.