Resource Based Learning and the TL Role


Well, I completed the readings for week one and was pleased to find that the readings were very logical and have made me view libraries and their potential in a very different way (coming from an English teaching background.) I read with interest the research and evidence on Resource Based Learning and the links with student achievement (and have realised that as a teacher I need to improve my current practice!) The idea of Resource Based Learning is very important in the educational realm as there is now so much information out there that students are able to access. It is also vitally important that students are taught to be critical of the information as I find students take any internet source as fact and need more skills for evaluating the large volume of information they have at hand.

The changing role of the Teacher Librarian was also interesting to consider. When I went through school, the only dealings I had with the school librarian were when borrowing books or being told to be quiet in the library. The role of the TL is certainly very different now and it is exciting to think about taking on that role in the future. I think the concept of collaboration is a very important one and one that needs to be fostered more in schools. The evidence in the research is certainly convincing me that this is the future of education and beneficial for student achievement in an information rich world.


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